Multi-Use and Athletic Areas

Artificial Turf for Multi-Use Athletic Fields
As the world’s largest synthetic turf company, FieldTurf is the stage for competition in many major stadiums around the world. The superior synthetic grass the World Champion Green Bay Packers installed in Lambeau Field is also installed on small-town, high school fields. 21 of 32 NFL teams have chosen FieldTurf for their playing or practice fields, and more than 4,000 high schools and municipalities switched to FieldTurf for their football or multiuse-fields.

EasyTurf, a FieldTurf Company, brings that “big-field” professional sports playing surface to smaller, multi-use athletic fields around North America.

• Maximizes multi-use athletic field playing time
• Provides a consistent artificial turf surface for superior all-around multi-use athletic field performance
• Minimizes abrasions, neural and joint injuries on multi-use athletic fields
• Contributes to less time lost to injury compared to natural grass
• Increases potential revenue generation from multi-use athletic fields
• Offers the most proven, durable and safest multi-use athletic field product in the industry

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