Commercial Playgrounds

Artificial Grass Replaces Rubber Playground Surfacing
EasyTurf playground products are safer, cleaner and softer than any other artificial or organic play surface including the best rubber playground surfacing. EasyTurf artificial grass is quickly replacing even the best rubber playground surfacing because it is extremely durable, yet non-abrasive, providing longevity and a comfortable commercial playing surface. EasyTurf artificial grass for commercial playground surfacing also greatly reduces threats from insects, unwanted pests and grass allergies.

IPEMA Certified, EasyTurf is able to meet the ASTM 1292 fall height requirements for up to 9 ft. (14? heights can be certified with additional ASTM testing) feet and meets ASTM 1951 ADA certification requirements.

When it comes to creating a safe, durable artificial grass surface, no one in the industry has the experience, technical know how, and financial stability of EasyTurf, a FieldTurf company. Not only do kids love EasyTurf playground artificial grass more than any other playground including commercial rubber playground surfacing, but parents and administrators across North America are quickly adopting this innovative artificial grass playground surfacing solution.

The EasyTurf Playground System is engineered for safety.

Specially engineered for maximum durability while remaining exceptionally soft and smooth to the touch, our artificial grass fibers for playground surfacing eliminate friction burns associated with other surfacing including rubber playground surfacing.

Unique Infill System

EasyTurf Playground’s infill system consists of a thin base layer of clean sand, providing a solid foundation to
support the fibers, and is then filled with screened, smooth (SBR) crambient rubber. This creates a surface which
provides maximum impact protection and cushioning against falls that is much softer than alternative surfacing

Superior Drainage

Physical activity is an important part of any child’s daily routine. Exercise can be difficult to schedule if it’s wet
and slippery outside. EasyTurf uses a proprietary 100% permeable artificial grass playground surface backing, MaxxFlow, for unmatched drainage capabilities. Unlike with grass, precipitation will not turn your playground surface into a mud pit. There is no need to keep kids cooped up inside, play can resume shortly after heavy rainfalls! Our exclusive MaxxFlow artificial grass backing also provides a built-in weed barrier.

FallSoft™ Technology
Studies have shown that falls to the surface including rubber playground surfacing contribute up to 80% of all playground injuries. We can’t stop kids from being kids, but we can improve the safety of their playground surface area. Our FallSoft™ technology incorporates a water permeable safety pad installed beneath the product to provide additional protection against falls from play equipment. EasyTurf is able to meet the ASTM 1292 fall height requirements for up to 9 ft.(14? heights can be certified with additional ASTM testing) and meets ASTM 1951 ADA certification requirements.

While an EasyTurf Playground provides a safe surface which specifically protects against concussions and head injuries caused by falls from high playground equipment to the commercial playground surface, it is also the ideal solution for a children’s play area normally covered with natural grass. EasyTurf artificial grass for playgrounds creates an attractive environment which is insect-free and provides a uniform, consistently safe commercial artificial grass playground surface which is smooth and easy on the skin.

EasyTurf artificial grass for commercial playgrounds is the only alternative which provides a safe surface with minimal headaches, while creating a play area which looks the way it was meant to be – like a natural environment. Other surfacing options have drawbacks which are hard to ignore. Tan bark and commercial rubber playground surfacing chunks deteriorate and displace over time and require continuous maintenance such as leveling, grading, and raking to maintain appropriate depth and sifting to remove foreign matter. The commercial rubber playground surfacing often gets into the children’s shoes and finds its way into your interior space. Small commercial rubber playground surfacing pieces also present a choking hazard and can get into the eyes. Shredded rubber tires alone are susceptible to many of the same drawbacks such as displacement, and the presence of foreign substances mixing into the fill. Full rubber tiles can curl up and cause tripping, not to mention having a surface characterized by higher friction, which can burn the skin on falls. With EasyTurf artificial grass for commercial playgrounds, you can expect your surface to last almost twice as long as competing poured-in-place rubber playground surfacing systems, which crack and harden over time.

*We ?rmly believe in a safe surface which can be enjoyed by all, which is why we designed EasyTurf artificial grass for commercial playgrounds to be accessible to children of all levels of ability, and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

EasyTurf artificial grass for commercial playgrounds pays for itself!
Less time and money spent on rubber and other playground surface maintenance, watering and fertilizing means that over the life of the artificial grass , EasyTurf artificial grass for commercial playgrounds will pay for itself! However, minor maintenance is necessary to ensure your product performs its best. Speak to your EasyTurf artificial grass for commercial playgrounds representative about the proper maintenance activities required.

Play Now, Pay Later! The safety of children is not something that should be compromised because of a lack of funds. However, limited budgets are a fact of life. Although upfront costs may be slightly discouraging, the immediate safety and long term financial benefits are well worth the investment. With our new ?nancing plan, you don’t have to wait any longer to have the commercial playground surface of your dreams. Make a small down payment, then pay the rest later! Ask your EasyTurf artificial grass for commercial playgrounds representative about ?nancing today!

The Smart Alternative
No two playgrounds are the same. Our EasyTurf artificial grass for playgrounds teams can customize and adapt each install to fit your play area’s unique physical properties. The perfect playground surface can fail with the wrong people installing it. EasyTurf uses only highly qualified personnel with years of experience in artificial grass installation.

Best Warranty is the Business
There are many artificial grass dealers who rush into the business looking to make fast money, and either go bankrupt or disappear, leaving their customers with a surface without a warranty. Our comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty is backed by FieldTurf/Tarkett the most financially secure company in the industry. When you purchase EasyTurf, you can rest assured that your investment will be protected. Contact your local representative today for details.

Environmental Responsibility
At EasyTurf Tarkett, we are committed to environmentally conscious business practices. 100% of a EasyTurf artificial grass for commercial playgrounds surface can be recycled. EasyTurf artificial grass for commercial playgrounds eliminates many of the damaging side effects associated with maintaining a natural grass area; such as pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and lawn mower emissions. Especially ideal in regions where water use is restricted, commercial playgrounds will always have a lush, green outdoor space.

• Eliminates mud and grass stains caused by organic commercial playground surfaces
• No fertilizers and pesticides needed for this non-rubber playground surface
• Hypoallergenic and inherently antimicrobial commercial playground surface
• Most durable commercial artificial grass playground surface – more durable than rubber playground surfacing
• Forgiving cushioned commercial playground surface comforts falls
• Dramatically improves commercial water conservation
• No artificial grass deodorizers or additives needed
• Superior to rubber surface playground for Municipal parks and playgrounds
• Superior to rubber surface playground for childcare facilities

Ideal For:
• Municipal parks and commercial playground surfacing
• Commercial childcare facilities
• Private and public school and university playground surfacing
• Housing development playground surfacing
• Resort playground surfacing
• Hotel playground surfacing
• Apartment playground surfacing
• Condominium playground surfacing

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