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Synthetic Grass For Commercial Landscaping

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Leading-Edge Artificial Grass for Commercial Landscape Design from the Recognized Leader:

It’s no surprise industry giant EasyTurf, the landscape arm of FieldTurf has launched the latest innovation in commercial landscaping. EasyTurf artificial grass for commercial landscape design uses FieldTurf Revolution Blade Technology, taking realism to the next level. This superior commercial-grade landscaping fiber using a state of the art polymer process that closely replicates the look and feel of natural sod. The supple softness of the artificial grass fibers is made possible by 11 exterior and seven interior ridges crossing the width of the synthetic grass blade allowing the fibers to flex, twist, and rebound like natural grass blades.

• LEED Credit Qualified

• 100% Recyclable

• IPEMA Certified Products

• Industry Leading Playground Surfacing

• Military Applications & GSA Ready

• Low Infill, Thatch, Pet & Golf Products

• Rooftop Applications

• Only Non Pro-Rated Warranty In The Industry