Artificial Grass for Professional Dog Facilities

Artificial Grass for Dog Boarding Facilities & Dog Training Facilities
The turf-of-choice for pet-care and pet-friendly commercial facilities across the nation!

Dog-Friendly. With the pedigree to prove it.
EasyTurf commercial-grade artificial dog grass’s revolutionary drainage capabilities along with its realistic look and feel make it the number one choice for pet professionals, landscape designers, project planners and home owners. Because of its unmatched artificial dog grass durability, EasyTurf has proven to stand up to the most challenging of pets and its low artificial dog grass maintenance features make keeping a beautiful, problem-free dog-friendly lawn all year long easy. Plus, over time, EasyTurf artificial dog grass saves thousands of dollars in maintenance and watering.

Our superior drainage and durability have mad EasyTurf the synthetic grass preferred by Humane Societies and animal shelters across the country.

Now real grass has some real competition

• EasyTurf saves you money since little or not maintenance is required
• Muddy spots and yellow grass are gone. Dog waste won’t discolor or stain it; dogs can’t dig through it and don’t chew it
• Spend less time cleaning dogs since EasyTurf prevents muddy paws and dirty pets
• EasyTurf helps dog boarding facilities and dog training facilities maintain a pleasant, safe environment for pets.
• EasyTurf is always available, there is no down time for maintenance, watering or fertilizing a commercial dog training facility or dog boarding facility lawn.

• Drains clean: Requires no chemicals for urine odor artificial grass or natural grass dog urine odor at pet facilities
• 100% permeable backing makes dog urine cleanup a snap at all dog-friendly locations & boarding facilities
• Most Realistic artificial grass for dogs
• Unique multi-color blades match the look of real grass
• Best Draining artificial dog grass – Drains better and cleaner than real grass
• Inherently antimicrobial and hypoallergenic dog grass surface
• Safe and non-toxic dog grass infill
• Artificial dog grass helps keep pets clean
• Artificial dog grass that is fertilizer and pesticide free
• Artificial dog grass dramatically improves water conservation

Ideal For:
• Artificial dog grass for dog parks
• Commercial dog care facilities
• Artificial dog grass for dog Boarding Facilities
• Private and public dog and pet surfacing
• Artificial dog grass for dog Training Facilities
• Housing development dog grass surfacing
• Artificial dog grass for dog and pet resorts
• Apartment dog grass surfacing
• Artificial dog grass for kennels and dog or pet boarding facilities
• Condominium dog grass surfacing
• Artificial dog grass for animal shelters
• Municipal parks and commercial playground dog grass surfacing

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