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EasyTurf Doesn't Just Look Green- It Is!

  Extra! Extra! Read all about it! EasyTurf can save the world! OK, maybe that is pushing it a bit. Scratch that – that IS pushing it a bit. But aside from looking good, being safe for pets and kids and lasting more than two decades, synthetic grass can help conserve the environment. How? First off, according to this story, […]

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EasyTurf Offers your own Backyard Country Club!

  With its realistic playing surface, custom design and longevity, EasyTurf provides a tremendous golf experience…right in your backyard! No need to practice on the living room rug – just grab a putter and walk out your front door. EasyTurf putting greens are available in two styles – Pro Series Golf Green and Tru-Roll Putting Green. The Pro Series model is designed for the serious golfers, the […]

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Memo to the Dogs of the World

  Memo to the dogs of the world: You will need to bury your bones someplace else. FieldTurf, an artificial grass for pets from Easy Turf, can be beneficial for folks with dogs, especially since pets can’t dig their way through it. In other words, you no longer have the fear of waking up one morning, peering out your window and […]

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Backyard Fun

  The synthetic turf is installed. The last check has been sent. The seal of approval has been stamped. Now what do you do? Whatever you want! You have a kick-butt backyard, one that requires minimal upkeep and a lot less of your time than the real stuff. So have a barbecue, and invite as many people as you want. […]

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Barbecue Starters' Kit

  You have a lush lawn in your backyard. Now, it’s time to enjoy it. And nothing says backyard fun like charred flesh, burnt hot dogs and piles upon piles of potato salad. We’re talking about a barbecue, and this is the best way to get you started. First comes the equipment. If gas is your thing but you don’t […]

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City Living has its Advantages

  City living has its advantages. Stores rarely close. Every restaurant delivers. The nightlife never stops. City living has its drawbacks, too – it isn’t often urbanites can look out their window and see a green patch of grass. If you’re included in this group, then the answer is easy – fake it. Synthetic grass makes perfect sense for folks […]

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