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EasyTurf can now save even more money!

You might have heard – California is experiencing an epic drought. More and more homeowners are turning to EasyTurf to replace their natural grass lawns to conserve water resources. Water agencies across California are further encouraging the switch to artificial grass by offering thousands of dollars in rebates! They see the value in a drought-resistant landscape and understand the need […]

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EasyTurf joins other Earth-friendly, environmentally conscious companies at WEEC

We’re here at the World Energy Engineering Congress in D.C., and there’s a lot of buzz about EasyTurf’s environmental friendliness. WEEC c0ould possibly be the most important energy event of national and international scope for end users and energy professionals in all areas of the energy field. We’ve been talking with everyone from landscape professionals to commercial real estate magnates […]

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EasyTurf has the formula for success

With more than 12,000 artificial turf residential installations in the region, EasyTurf is by far the largest synthetic grass distribution company in the country. The secret for success is pretty basic – provide the highest quality product with top-of-the-line craftsmanship, backed up by incredible customer service. EasyTurf, Inc. has been Southern California’s exclusive FieldTurf distributor for the residential and commercial […]

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EasyTurf continues to lead synthetic turf industry

What is turfgrass? Astroturf. Fake grass. Fake lawn. Artificial yard. Grass carpet. Synthetic grass and putting greens have many different names, but the best artificial lawn lawns comprise fibers or yarn that tufted or quilted into a backing to create the appearance of an organic lawn. All artificial grass is not created equally, there are high quality fiber polymers and […]

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Save Green, Go Green with EasyTurf

California is in a severe drought, and homeowners and business are asked to cut back on water use. But even outside California, water conservation conversation efforts are growing across the nation. The cost of doing laundry, taking showers, maintaining landscape – all of it is going up, and our resources are being depleted.  There are many ways you can conserve water […]

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EasyTurf is Pets’ Lawn of Choice

I was sitting in a coffee shop yesterday working on the EasyTurf Web site, when the gentlemen next to me asked, “Hey, is an AstroTurf® lawn for dogs a good idea?” He was genuinely intersted in purchasing artificial pet turf, and seeing my EasyTurf shirt, took the opportunity to ask some questions. I have a dog, EasyTurf and I had the afternoon […]

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From coast to coast, we lead the field

The most durable artificial grass in Jacksonville, Fla., is EasyTurf. The most realist artificial turf lawns in Kansas City are EasyTurf lawns. The best San Fernando Valley synthetic turf is EasyTurf. Are you picking  up on a theme here? We’re proud of what we do at EasyTurf. We offer homeowners and businesses the best product available with unmatched customer service. EasyTurf […]

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Cesar Millan loves his EasyTurf

You might just call EasyTurf “Cesar Millan Turf Grass.” The world renowned dog whisperer did his homework, and was so impressed with EasyTurf that he installed more than 10,000 square feet at his Dog Psychology Center in Santa Clarita, Calif. Cesar spends countless hours training countless dogs of all breeds, sizes shapes and energy levels. He needs a turf that […]

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EasyTurf popularity grows faster than your weeds

Artificial grass residential installs are on the rise, and for good reason. Here in California, we’ve been suffering a pretty severe drought. Dry weather and watering restrictions have turned many landscapes from bright green to a light brown. Homeowners realize one of the advantages of an EasyTurf lawn is a lush green, manicured landscape year-round – despite the weather. If […]

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