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San Diego's Best Finalists Announced – Help us win!

EasyTurf has been named a finalist in the San Diego Union Tribune’s annual Best Of competition. Finalists were announced June 3 for the awards. EasyTurf shares the finalist spotlight in the “Best Artificial Turf” category with other fine FieldTurf synthetic grass products, UltimateGrass and Emerald Lawn as well as FieldTurf, the leader in synthetic sports fields. Voting will continue through […]

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April Showers Bring May Flowers – Weatherproofing your Yard

  April can be an unpredictable time of year. Sunshine one day and showers the next! Wondering how you can weatherproof your yard? You’re in luck. EasyTurf has identified several landscaping and decorative items which can help you sustain a beautiful, low maintenance yard through all weather conditions. Pouring rain and thundershowers can destroy your flowerbeds, create unwanted muddy puddles […]

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April Fools Picnic

  It’s that time of year again for jokes and pranks to fill the day of April 1. Need some ideas for an enjoyable joke? Try a picnic with April Fools’ food recipes. Enjoy a sunny April’s day on your EasyTurf, synthetic lawn. Lay out a picnic blanket and let the pranks begin! Courtesy of Food Network Magazine, there are numerous food […]

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Landscaping with Color to Reflect your Personality

Adding color to your landscape will easily spruce up a drab home exterior. Color can add excitement and fun to your yard. And it can be a vital tool used to evoke the emotions you desire from your outdoor living space. Some people choose colors that calm, while others prefer colors that evoke excitement and fun. When choosing a color […]

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Adding Color with Drought Tolerant Landscaping

  Add Color to Your Backyard While Lowering Water Costs! Being water conscious doesn’t mean your backyard needs to be colorless and lack life. Sure hardscape can be beautiful and lower the maintenance of your yard, but this doesn’t mean you have to do away with all color! Watering and maintaining grass can consume your money and free time! Not […]

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Creative ideas to end the 2011 season of March Madness

  Want to end this year’s season with a bang? Gather your buddies, children, dogs and all celebrate March Madness. Here are some ideas to make your March Madness party a success. Send out invitations through e-mail with a basketball theme or, better yet, send game brackets as party invitations! Have your guests fill out the brackets before they arrive. […]

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Treat Your Pet this Valentine's Day

  Valentine’s Day is another excuse to indulge the ones you love with treats and pampering. And your pets are no exception, they like to be spoiled just as much as you do. As much as you’d like to share your box of chocolates with your four legged friend, it can be toxic to your pets. However, that doesn’t mean […]

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Dog Allergies Among Top 5 Reasons for Vet Visits

  Did you know Skin Allergies are the number two reason dogs are brought to the vet? Many dogs are allergic to both grass and its inhaled pollens. Pollen can collect on the grass, exposing dogs to high concentrations while running through or playing on the grass. These allergies most commonly cause excessive skin itching, hot spots, and in extreme […]

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Cuddle up with EasyTurf!

  Want your dog to be a cuddler? EasyTurf can help create a bonding and comfortable culture to nurture sociable behavior! Cuddling with you and toys can remind dogs of cuddling with their mother as pups, making your dog more sociable. What better than to have a synthetic lawn which provides a comfortable play area for you and your dog […]

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