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Face Your Demons – Clean the Garage

In a lot of homes, the garage and storage shed become the “red-headed-step-children,” neglected and overlooked. We give them just enough attention to keep them going. Whether it’s a fear of delving into an unorganized garage or deep-seeded bitterness to storage places in general, we just kind of open up the door, drag things out, toss ‘em back in and […]

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Orange County Animal Care Center Enjoys EasyTurf Benefits

The Orange County Animal Care center takes in 30,000 dogs, cats, bunnies, and other pets in Orange County every year! That’s a lot of furry creatures. That many cute, cuddly creatures creates a lot of wear and tear – not to mention pet waste. In late 2012, the shelter installed EasyTurf to handle the workload. The staff and “residents” are loving their […]

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So you want to add a water feature to your landscape?

More and more homeowners are adding water features to their lawn. A fountain, pond or waterfall can help transform an ordinary back yard into an oasis. Before your get your shovel out and start digging, understand there are a few steps to take beforehand. Decide what you want, and balance your desire with your budget, space constraints of your yard. […]

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Protect Your Pets from Toxic Plants

With an EasyTurf lawn, gone are the worries of digging, “urine burn,” fleas and other pet/lawn related nuisances. However, your border plants may pose more of danger to your pets than you think. When choosing plants to accent your lush EasyTurf lawn, do your homework to ensure your pets’ safety. Daffodils, lilies of the valley, yews, laurels, laburnum, azaleas, foxglove, […]

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Get Going on Your Garden Planning

Fortunately for the EasyTurf lawn owner, all that time and money saved not having to maintain a grass lawn can be spent on a new hobby – like gardening! And with the summer in high gear, the wise gardener will start planning and preparing for a fruitful garden now. Here are few tips to get you on your way: Weed-n-feed. […]

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Why do you itch after sitting in grass?

One of the many benefits of an EasyTurf lawn is not having that irritating itch you get after sitting or playing in real grass. But have you ever wondered why grass makes you itch? The irritation can be blamed on a number of criminals: – The grass itself can cause micro-cuts in your skin, add a touch of sweat, and […]

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Give your outdoor living spaces new life

Give your outdoor living spaces new life Summer is oh-too-quickly slipping away. After BBQs, pool parties and all the neighborhood kids running amuck, your outdoor living spaces may need some sprucing up. Bringing some life back to your outdoor living spaces is easy and affords you the opportunity to enjoy the rest of summer. Add some color Grab some paint […]

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Be a Super Summer Hero

When the excitement of summer vacation is starting to wane. Kids are, believe it or not, starting to be “played out” and getting bored – some even look forward to getting back to school. Be their hero and rescue them from the depths of their doldrums.  Scoop them up and whisk them away to the great outdoors to enjoy our […]

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Turn Your EasyTurf Lawn Into A "Drive In"

Now that I’ve installed an EasyTurf backyard, one of my favorite outdoor activities is hosting my own “Drive-in Movie Night” for family and friends. But instead of parking their cars on my lawn, they bring pillows and blankets. We don’t worry about bugs, dirt and mud, holes, lumps, bumps or rocks. If you have the resources, you can purchase a […]

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