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EasyTurf 1, Condiments 0

I’ve always loved science experiments. Sure there’s the aspect of proving a theory, learning new and wonderful things about the universe and expanding my knowledge. But the real reason I enjoy science is because I can get dirty and try to break things. Here at EasyTurf, we know our synthetic grass drainage is unbeatable when it comes to rainfall, dog […]

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Smoked Turkey Without the Smoker?

Our outdoor living spaces have become our favorite part of the home for entertaining guests. There’s an inexplicable but good feeling you get, sitting around the patio with friends while food cooks on the grill. This Thanksgiving – the “Super Bowl” of dinner parties – will be no different. I don’t have a smoker, but with my grilling prowess, I’m […]

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Always the invited; never the host

Now that the weather is warming, your outdoor living spaces become a great venue for hosting parties. But hosting dinner parties and BBQs for friends, neighbors and colleagues can seem intimidating. Between logistics and desire for everyone to have a good time, it’s easier not to host a party and hope to be invited to someone else’s. However, a successful […]

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Dog Trainer Banks on EasyTurf

Dan Atkinson is the top dog at Kind to Canines, his dog and puppy training facility in Newport Beach, Calif. He also leads the pack in EasyTurf’s Customer Referral program, rewarding a very generous referral payment for each EasyTurf installation that results from a recommendation. Dan chose and recommends EasyTurf for the same reason – drainage. “The number one reason I […]

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Easy Dog Treats You Can Bake at Home

No one likes cookies more than I – but my four-legged best friends come in a close second. Sadly, Oreos and Tollhouse Cookies will send them to an early grave. Fortunately for them, I can whip up some homemade dog cookies in 30 minutes! I’d be willing to wager, that unless you’re a 23-year-old bachelor, you’ve already got the ingredients […]

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Easy Crafts Equals Outdoors Fun

Since I installed EasyTurf, I’ve found a lot of extra time on my hands – time for outdoor activities much more fun than mowing and raking the old lawn. Crafts with my kids is now one of my favorite Saturday morning activities – surprising considering my level of crafting. One particularly fun and productive activity is making our own sidewalk […]

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Muffa What??

Don’t get me wrong – I love cooking with fire! There’s something about cooking meat and vegetables on an open flame. Sometimes, though, on warm spring and summer days, I like to kick back on my patio with a cold sandwich and a cold … drink. One of my favorite – and if you’ve ventured to New Orleans you probably […]

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Move the Indoors Out

As we roll into spring, we’re naturally going to want to spend more time outdoors. A great way to take advantage of the warm, blue skies is to extend your home to your patio and create an outdoor living room.  Here are a few outdoor living room essentials to get you started: A grill – for me, the grill is […]

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