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I’m a little aside. Adding snippets of text just like me is super easy.

Whatever name you give it, nothing beats EasyTurf

Fake grass. Immitation grass lawn. AstroTurf®. We’ve been called many things. Fact is, EasyTurf leads the industry in synthetic grass lawns and putting greens. Artificial grass is more than just the turf grass itself. It’s a complete landscape system. The artificial turf system includes preparation of the ground the synthetic turf will be installed on, the drainage through the synthetic grass […]

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EasyTurf offers answer for rising water costs

California’s historic drought continues, and homeowners are looking for ways to conserve. An easy, long-term solution to saving water and money is artificial grass. Riverside County, San Diego County, LA County, and residents across the state are showing a growing interest in EasyTurf. With an immeidate savings of up to 70 percent, it’s easy to see why. Imagine: you have a lush, green, […]

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Talking EasyTurf in a coffee shop

I was sitting in a coffee shop yesterday working on the EasyTurf Web site, when the gentlemen next to me asked, “Hey, so you sell AstroTurf® for dogs to pee on?” My confused look prompted him to ask again. “You know, astro turf for pets.” He was genuinely intersted in purchasing artificial pet turf, and seeing my EasyTurf shirt, took the […]

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Playgrounds go green with EasyTurf

Throw out the rubber tiles and wood chips, and bring in the artificial turf. Children play hard and fall hard. EasyTurf, the industry leader in synthetic grass and putting greens, is quickly become the playground surface of choice. Moms and dads saw the benefits of installing EasyTurf in the back yard for their kids, and have made the move to […]

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Don't let lack of green get in the way of going green

Playground surface companies that finance are scarce. I’ve looked. But a lack of cash on hand should not prevent you from installing synthetic grass – arguably the best playground surface available. EasyTurf playground products are safer, cleaner and softer than any other artificial or organic play surface including the best rubber playground surfacing. EasyTurf artificial grass is quickly replacing even the […]

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EasyTurf factor in Bocce Ball Popularity

Public park officials and private clubs and businesses are turning to EasyTurf for their bocce ball court surfaces. A quality playing surface in bocce ball is crucial. Enthusiasts and professionals alike agree that an even, clean, well-manicured lawn is the best field to play on. A premium surface should play fast, have minimal bounce. EasyTurf provides all of these qualities with […]

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Go green and save green with EasyTurf

When people see my EasyTurf lawn, they usually ask me how much the turf costs. I wish there were an easy answer, but the cost of EasyTurf isn’t a set dollar-per-square-foot price. You can buy the turf itself off the roll or remnants at the quarterly Parking Lot sale, but you have to factor in all the supporting materials as […]

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EasyTurf grows as homeowners look for smart landscape options

As drought conditions in California continue, and more and more homeowners turn to artificial turf grass, residential areas are looking more and more green. EasyTurf, the syntheitc turf industry leader, is turning dry, brown, failing natural grass yards into lush green lawns – and we’re doing it without the hassle and cost of watering and other maintenance.  Instead of worrying about mandated watering schedules and increased utilities, you […]

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