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Turf that dogs can use

If your dog could speak, I’m sure he’d ask for EasyTurf. No, seriously, because your dog is an educated dog and he’s done the research. First, he knows that Cesar Millan, renowned dog whisperer and every dog’s personal hero, recently endorsed EasyTurf as his turf of choice. If Cesar Millan says EasyTurf’s the best, then it truly must be the┬ábest […]

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We have far outgrown our San Diego home

Over the past few years, the EasyTurf brand has grown considerably. I was asked the other day if there were any Canadian FieldTurf companies. FieldTurf is EasyTurf’s partner in the synthetic grass world. The short asnwer is, “Yes, there definitely are Canadian dealers and distributors of EasyTurf and FieldTurf.” EasyTurf is the North American distributor for landscape lawns and putting […]

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